Morocco Update

29th March 2015 News

Hello everyone,

I hope 2015 has got off to a good start for you all…

I’ve finally managed to find some time to sit down and write this blog. Although I wish I wasn’t writing it at this precise moment as it would mean I would be out playing in the final round in Morocco.

It was my first tournament of the season and not the start I wanted but there are lots of positives for me take from the two rounds I played. To sum it up, I hit one bad tee shot in both rounds which cost me too many shots to make the cut.

It was and still is hugely frustrating as I was happy with how I played overall but I just happened to hit the tee shots offline on the wrong holes… Any other holes I probably would’ve got away with them but hey, that’s golf I suppose.

I have been thinking about all the good stuff from the two rounds, which includes my new Callaway Apex irons and how they’re so much easier to hit, the long irons especially. I wasn’t looking to change from my Ping S55’s steel shafts but I have been struggling with a shoulder/thumb injury for a while so it was time to get fitted properly again for new shafts.

It just so happened that the shaft I was given to try had the Apex head on it – I’m a feely player and the head felt lovely to hit along with the steel fibre shaft (softer).

The biggest difference for me has been that I’ve been able to get my natural swing rhythm back, I don’t need to hit these irons hard to get the best out of them. I can just swing within myself and let the clubs do the work!

Just to backtrack now a little to the start of the year, it wasn’t an ideal start to the season for me.
As you will know from the last newsletter, I have been working with a S&C trainer since the end of last season and in hindsight I should’ve given myself a break before starting the sessions. I didn’t and I paid for it, big time, in the form of Flu!

It completely wiped me out for a few weeks along with two other bad colds following on and it was horrible. Such a waste of time being stuck in bed and knowing all the good work was being undone.

When I finally managed to feel human again, I gently got back in to training to build back up my fitness and strength. I was also able to get back to practicing and playing at Cowdray.

I decided to go to Spain for a few days ‘warm weather’ training, although it turned out to be ‘wet weather’ training on a couple of days! This obviously wasn’t ideal but I didn’t let it stop me – I don’t mind rain and I actually had a good, productive few days. The greens at Estepona and Finca Cortesin were of tour standard which was perfect.

I’m heading back out there in a couple of weeks to do more practice as we don’t have a tournament in April. Cowdray and Estepona have linked up so it’s very handy!

At the beginning of the year, I had a meeting with my sponsors of last year – Bellville Rodair.
They have merged with an American company and are now OIA Global.

Thankfully, they agreed to sponsor me again this year for which I am extremely grateful.
Also, JRB golf are providing me with clothing. I love the collection and it’s so light, obviously that’s ideal for travelling, it’s comfy too and plus it doesn’t need ironing – even better!!

Pilates is still a must for me and I have a great instructor in Louise – my body would be even more of a mess if it wasn’t for the sessions we do! 16 years of playing golf shows!
My mind coach, Karen, is continuing to nag me…I mean help and push me on. We get on well and I’m looking forward to working on some new stuff in the upcoming weeks.

My next tournament is Turkey in May. It would’ve been nice to have played one after Morocco but it does allow me to keep working hard as I definitely feel like I’m heading in the right direction…

So, there it is – the update that I’ve been promising to write for a while now… Hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to playing more golf now the clocks have gone forward! Hurrah!!